Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season Tires

Goodyear developed the Eagle Sport as a Mega- High Performance, All-Season tire with W-speed rating. The Eagle Sport is designed for drivers of coupes, sports cars, sedans and light trucks who need a tire that combines a sporty look, superb handling and all-season grip in dry and wet condition and in light snow. Features of the Eagle Sport All-Season tire includes a rim protector that helps limit curb damage. There is an original all-season tread compound formed into a big surface tread area with an asymmetric design that delivers reliable performance for a wide range of vehicles. Connected outboard shoulder blocks supported by irregular center ribs and linked inboard shoulder blocks improve steering control and wear. The tire’s wide circumferential grooves help to remove water from beneath the tire’s footprint to boost grip in wet weather, and deep sipes maintain foul-weather traction while the tire wears. The internal structure consists of identical steel belts supported by spirally covered polyamide to blend consistent ride quality with high-speed ability. Goodyear used its RaceWrap Construction Technology when designing the Eagle Sport All-Season tire. The RaceWrap Construction Technology consists of a two-ply sidewall that is slightly angled, which improves handling capability and steering response. The Eagle Sport All-Season tire has the trademarked M+S symbol. The tread pattern and compounds help the tire to stay flexible in cold weather by blending all-season traction, superb handling, and high-speed capability to deliver year-round traction including light snowy conditions.