Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S Tires

Goodyear has another brand of tire featured in the market namely, The Eagle Sport All-Season tire. This tire is made exclusively for sports cars, sedans, coupes and light trucks which are performance-oriented. In order to combine all-season and sports traction, a V-speed rated High Performance All-Season radial is included in the tire. The Eagle Sport All-Season tire is very versatile, so it can be used in dry and wet conditions or climates all year-round, even during winter when there’s mild snow. The Eagle Sport All-Season has an innovative tread compound that is suitable for all seasons and throughout a wide range of vehicle types. Its asymmetric tread has been proven to offer outstanding all-season grip, while linked outdoor shoulder blocks mounted to center ribs and conjoined inboard shoulder blocks provide exceptional handling and steering response. It also has circumferential grooves that can evacuate water during wet weather or on a watery surface. As the tire is worn out, its full-depth sipes keeps foul-weather traction from getting worse over time. The Eagle Sport All-Season tire has twin steel belts backed up by polyamide that is wrapped up spirally, and this internal structure can provide a high quality and speedy unanimous ride. But the most highlighted feature of this tire is its Race Wrap Construction technology that is specifically used in NASCAR competitions. The Race Wrap Construction technology has a slightly-angled, two-ply sidewall polyester cord that wraps around the bead and ends under the edge of the steel belts, making the tire capable of excellent handling stability and improved steering-gear.