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225 /75 R15
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Product Description

Goform GT02 Classic belongs to the category of all season, mud + snow rated, all year round tires. This means that the Goform GT02 Classics have been tested on, and can handle wet, dry, or even light snowy conditions. The tire features a computer optimized tread, specially designed to provide the maximum possible dry and wet traction and increased working life of the tread. Before they go out for sale on the market, all Goform GT02 Classic tires undergo dynamic uniformity and balance integrative tests, making them one of the best tires. Manufactured with the use of advanced machinery and techniques, all the different sizes the Goform GT02 Classic tires are ISO, ECE, GSO and DOT approved. The Goform GT02 Classic is a steel belted tire with 10 plies that provide strength and stability to the tire. The tire comes in three different speed ratings of (Q) 99 mph, (S) 112 mph and (T) 118 mph. Goform GT02 Classic, as the brand name suggests, is a custom-built tire designed to cope in different weathers and road conditions. The tread design removes water from the surface and resists hydroplaning. Goform GT02 Classic tire is designed to resist quick wear on rough terrains.