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35 /12.5R20
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Product Description

The General Grabber tire is an off road maximum traction tire that was create for full sized trucks and light trucks. This tire was created for short course driving and for racing competitions in the desert. You will find this tire with red letter styling on the sidewall. These tires look rugged, feature an aggressive tread design and performs at an outstanding level. The Grabber is made from the General Tire’s Duragen compound which has been molded into a Strake & Chamfer symmetric patented pattern. The design features strake grooves that sweep from one shoulder to the other. This tread lug face therefore opens to the terrain while the chamfered lug corners create a number of pockets throughout the pattern. This causes the edges to be exposed to adjacent lugs. This provides the tire with enhanced traction in dirt, silt and mud. The tire has vertical edge shoulder blocks with multi angled sidewall protectors. These multi angled sidewall protectors allow side bite which helps to protect against punctures. The tread design is also fitted with Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology (AMST) which is a sound wave suppression technology that helps with noise reduction on the road. Internally the General Grabber features two steel belts that have been reinforced with spirally wound nylon over a three ply reinforced casing. This is what gives the tires their ability to be durable while standing up to the challenges of driving in off road conditions.