General Grabber Hts 60 Tires

General Tire developed the Grabber HTS 60 as a Highway All-Season light truck tire for drivers of sport utility and crossover vehicles and for full-size vans and pickup trucks. The Grabber HTS 60 combines durability, comfort, style and performance to deliver extended tread life, pleasing road manners, and all-season traction even in light snow. Featuring General Tire’s Eco-Ride tread compound, the Grabber HTS 60 saves on fuel consumption. A unique symmetric tread pattern featuring a puffy contact patch and connecting bars enhance circumferential solidity for improved braking, cornering and speeding up. Reactive grooves offer directional steering control. Hydro- channels remove water from the tire’s footprint for improved hydroplaning resistance while three sipes offer traction in any weather; dry, wet or winter. The inside structure features matching ultra-high flexible steel belts for durability, while an inner cushioning system minimizes road noise for a smoother and more comfortable ride. *Particular sizes highlighting low rolling resistance technology are visible on the sizes tab and the tire’s Specs tab.