General G-Max As-03 Tires

The G-MAX AS-03 tire is an all season tire designed for sports cars, sport coupes and high performance sedans. The G-MAX AS-03 tire offers strong balanced performance capabilities in dry, wet and light snow conditions making it a perfect choice for a year-round tire. This tire features 3-D interlocking tread blocks that work together to improve handling in all weather conditions, reduces heat for increased tread life, and an aqua-cleave tread to channel water, reducing the chance of hydroplaning. The G-MAX AS-03 also includes The Replacement Tire Monitor, an indicator that transforms to read "replace tire", when the tire wears to 2/32 of tread depth and the Visual Alignment Indicators, which consist of short sipes on both shoulders of the tire. When a misalignment occurs one of these sipes will wear off before the others indicating that there is an alignment condition.