Falken Ziex S/Tz05 Tires

The Falken ZIEX STZ 05 is an all season comfort and performance tire for light trucks and SUV’s. This tire features the advanced M+S design and is specifically for ½ ton sport truck applications and Sport utility vehicles. The benefits of the Falken ZIEX STZ 05 can all be attributed to its design. These tires were made with the latest in tire construction technology and with one of the latest tread compounds. These tires can be rotated in all directions which provides optimized tread life. The tread blocks are staggered and feature a double tapered cut which provides a smooth and quiet ride in a dynamic tire. This tire is made in sizes from 20 inches to 24 inches and has a five rib symmetric design. Its tread design provides increased stability at high speeds and as mentioned above the opportunity for rotation in all directions which enhances the tread wear and so the life of the tire. Wide shoulder blocks provide an increase in stiffness which provides even wear and maximized performance. The double tapered cut tread blocks creates a great look while maximizing water evacuation and maximizing noise control. There are two different types of shoulder lugs including wide and narrow ones which help to minimize noise.