Falken Wildpeak H/T Tires

The Falken Wildpeak HT is an all season highway performance tire. It combines responsive wet braking with superb handling on dry surfaces. Its features allow it to provide optimal control and traction and with stiff side steel belts and tension casing play it is very stable and comfortable for drivers of Sports Utility Vehicles and Trucks alike. The Falken Wildpeak HT provides value for money with a high mileage tread while providing optimal ride comfort for its entire lifespan. The Falken Wildpeak HT features multi weave lateral spies which work to increase the all season performance of the tires by improving their wet traction. The shoulder design is a variable pitch design which allows the tire to provide even, flat wear which contributes to a reduction in tire noise for a lower noise ride. The Falken Wildpeak HT features a stylish new sidewall design that provides a look that can only be described as cutting edge giving a premium appearance. The tire also has four circumferential grooves that are straight and that work to reduce hydroplaning thus enhancing wet grip and performance. There is also the five rib design which is non directional and symmetric. This provides comfort and the best stability during handling.