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275 /40 R17
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Product Description

The Falken AZENIS RT615K tire is a summer or track tire created for street races. It was made for performance compacts, sedans and sports cars. It features world-spec construction with an advanced compound that is suitable for both track and street use. The RT615K will confidently maintain its grip even at higher than average temperatures. It is made with proprietary technology and a 8/32nd tread design which is motorsports inspired and a solid center rib which helps them to provide superb traction while sustain a strong grip on both dry and wet roads. These tires feature optimized aqua tusk positioning which reduces tread squirm while delivering superb wet grip. The tire will effectively maintain its grip even as the temperature of the tire increases. The tires provide unsurpassed durability and sports level grip with increased wet weather speeds and a reduction in hydroplaning tendencies. They feature reduced contact patch which helps to reduce wheel spin significantly under heavy acceleration.