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Product Description

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT is the performance tire for summer driving developed for sport coupes, sports cars and high performance sedans. The tires were inspired by Racing Technology and combine sophisticated manufacturing techniques and tire materials to enhance driving precision and road feedback. This summer tire is not intended to be driven in ice, snow or near freezing conditions and are only intended as summer application tires. The Sport Maxx RT uses an adaptive technology that uses polymer compounds and silica-plus tread rubbers that adapt to the road surface which increase road grip and maximize the road contact. The special compound is molded into an asymmetrical design that incorporates large outboard shoulder blocks and notched intermediate ribs to enhance responsiveness and cornering control on dry roads. The continuous center rib and shoulder ribs are separated by wide circumferential grooves to enhance traction and prevent hydroplaning on wet roads. The Dunlop Multi-Radius-Tread Technology effectively distributes the footprint pressure across the tire and redistributes the footprint shape as it moves from straight to curved which leads to more precise driving control. The internal structure is twin steel belted spirally wound cord that provides enhanced ride and high speed durability using Dunlop’s JointLess Band (JLB) Technology.