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285 /35 R20
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Product Description

The Dunlop DSX DSST is among the highly rated and obviously is a common brand used by many motorists especially during winter. Its unique construction makes it suitable for minivans, sedans or coupes. It also combines different technologies such as premium thread compounding and Graphic DS-3 simulation II Technology to ensure smooth traction in snow. This technology also boosts the tires thread pattern stiffness, which plays a huge role in pressure distribution for an enhanced thread life. Among other notable features in Dunlop includes a silica based fiber reinforcement on the tire threads, which usually is intended to provide a firm grip on ice or snow. The Dunlop DSX DSST also features zigzag muira-shaped sipes, which provides a firm steering feel. Dunlop DSX DSST meets the graphic DS-3 winter requirement and always comes with a snowflake/mountain symbol attached to the tire. There is also a snow platform indicator, which is mounted on the tire to show when imbedded ice needs to be removed. Other notable specs of this tire include a revolution speed of up to 750 rev/mile, a total thread depth of 11/32”, rim width of 10” and a tire diameter of 27.9”