Delinte Dh2 A/S Tires

The Delinte DH2 A/S is an all season, eco friendly, performance tire, made as a hybrid between the D7 and the D8, for performance SUVs, CUVs, coupes, and sedans. These are the newest tires from Delinte and they are designed to provide the best in all season grip and wear, they are also made to handle the harsh conditions of driving in wet, and snowy weather. The Delinte DH2 A/S comes with some awesome features and benefits. The special tread pattern of the Delinte DH2 A/S is optimized to maintain the maximum amount of footprint on the road, which helps to enhance the all weather traction of the DH2 A/S, while cornering, and driving at highway speeds. Delinte engineered a specialized tread compound, combined with its patented spinning designs, which helps to improve the stability of the tire for fuel economy, all season traction, and ride comfort. A tires tread naturally wears over the course of it’s lifetime; Delinte wanted to use this as a way to improve the tires grip and wet weather capabilities. By creating a design that changes gradually, the circumferential main grooves, as they wear, help to channel water away from the footprint of the tire, which helps to resist hydroplaning, and they also help to steer airflow away from the tire reducing noise generated by rubber to road contact.