Cooper Zeon Rs3-S Tires

The Cooper Zeon RS3S is an ultra-high performance summer tire from the performance family of Cooper tires. It has a high performance rating but a low profile, combining handling and cornering excellence, world class dry road traction and outstanding appearance. The tread compound of the Cooper ZEON RS3S tire is made to combine wet and dry traction while providing crisp handling even at high speeds. With a mold that was designed with advanced technology the tire has a square tread footprint that provides more contact with the tread and the road. The tread pattern can be tuned thanks to its asymmetric design which also provides cross rotation which provides a reduction in the heal and toe wear of the tire ensuring it will last longer and provide less tire noise. The tread pattern of the outboard is what is designed for great traction and handling in dry road conditions. The inboard pattern is what provides great traction for wet road conditions. The low tread pattern noise can be attributed to the dual pitch sequence. More grooves provide more void on the interior of the tread pattern which provides better performance in wet conditions as well. The wide circumferential grooves are directed toward the inside of the tread pattern thus increasing the size of the outer shoulder and the rows of intermediate tread element. This provides more rubber on the exterior of the rubber which provides the ultimate in dry road traction while increasing handling and providing exceptional ability for cornering.