Cooper Discoverer Stt Tires

The Cooper Discoverer STT is Cooper's premium performance off road / mud terrain light truck traction tire. Cooper Tire designed the STT for drivers who want the up most in off road traction. Cooper offers the STT in a wide range of commercial and large diameter flotation sizes. The STT was designed for use on pickups, SUV's and off road vehicles The Cooper Discoverer STT features an aggressive tire tread design extending far down the sidewall in order to enhance it’s soft surface traction and also provides additional traction when used in light rock climbing applications. Cooper Tire strategically placed rim flange protection in the lower sidewall area. This feature helps protect the wheel and tire from hazard in off road driving conditions while enhancing appearance. The Cooper STT’s computer designed, non directional tread employs a combination of features including deep, notched and scalloped shoulder lugs, and a unique center traction zone to create a bold, aggressive tire for tough off road applications. Cooper Tire also features the Armor Tek3 technology. The STT is constructed of two radial polyester body plies and one angled polyester body ply to deliver 3 plies of protection for superior resistance to impact and bruising of the tire.