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225 /75 R16
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Product Description

The Cooper Discovery HT3 tire is a premium light truck tire created for commercial highway use all year round. It is created with a tread design that helps to provide resistance against abnormal tread wear which is commonly found on commercial vehicles that do a lot of starting, stopping and turning. The Cooper Discovery HT3 tire is an M+S rated tire featuring a continuous shoulder rib which provides exceptional resistance to irregular wear. This design provides a quieter ride and also a longer tire life. The tire even features interlocking tread elements in its center that helps to improve handling. There are also the wide circumferential grooves which enhance the evacuation of water from the tire’s footprint thus improving the tire’s resistance to hydroplaning. The design of the HT# has more lateral slots than its predecessor and thus can provide increased traction in wet and snow road conditions. A 7% increase in the number of lateral slots within the design increase traction in both wet and snow conditions.