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235 /60 R16
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Product Description

Considered as one of the tires with the latest performance touring iteration, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring still dominates as one of the best tires on the market today. It is suitable for all seasons and features an advanced tread siping and asymmetric tread design. This unique feature makes it exceptionally responsive on small crossover vans, minivans, and sedans, It also comes with an 50,000-mile warranty when purchased in a W speed rating, (for higher performance vehicles) and a 60,000 mile warranty when purchased in a V or H speed rating (for standard performance vehicles). Its multi-directional tread design ensures rotation to any position on your car; this in turn extends the tire thread life as well as uniform wear. To ensure you have a firm grip when driving, the tire comes with 3D micro gauge siping. The siping provides biting edges, which ensures easy and safe driving in snow or wet roads. It also offers uniform construction, which means that you will always have a comfortable and quiet cabin. The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring also features a nylon overlay on the tire. This overlay maintains uniformity of the speed thus turning into quieter and safer tire for your vehicle. The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring also offers the best response when it comes to both wet and dry handling on the road.