Cooper Cooper Zeon Rs3-G1 Tires

The Zeon RS3-G1 is Cooper’s newest All-Season high-performance tire for passenger cars. Developed with Cooper’s supreme cutting-edge technologies, the RS3-G1 delivers unbelievable all year traction. Molded with a race-inspired sidewall, the Zeon RS3-G1 design and tread compound create better stability, grip, and durability. Sporting a high-performance look is not the only feature of this tire. With additional rubber on the outer shoulder and middle rib, the tire delivers more grip and stability when cornering resulting in a reduction in tire noise. Features of the Zeon RS3-G1 tire include: • 3-D full-depth sipes that penetrate the tread elements to deliver long-lasting biting edges. Sipes help the tread block to keep its shape during cornering, braking, and acceleration. The sipes full-depth characteristic means that the sipes are still there to deliver biting edges and maintain consistent performance even when the tire show signs of being half-worn. • Cooper’s Wear Square: This is visual indicator placed on the tire to help drivers to do a quick and easy assessment of how much tread life remains on the tire. During wear, the Wear Square switches through five stages. It starts with a full square on new tires and as soon as the tread gets to 2/32s of an inch, it changes into an exclamation mark, indicating the need for replacing the tire. The Wear Square can also be an indication of uneven wear and probably wheel alignment problems. The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 responds well to altering road conditions and is specifically for driving enthusiasts who need a dependable tire whenever they hit the road, either for everyday commute to work or for exploring new roads. ,Available in 42 sizes, the RS3-G1 will fit wheels from 16 to 20 inches. The tire also comes with a 45-day road test free trial and a tread wear 50,000-mile protection if both axles are wearing the same size.