Continental Procontact Tx Tires

Drivers who want to have a combination of stylish look, competent handling, higher durability, and all season traction even in mildly snowy conditions, should definitely go for the ProContact TX, the grand touring all season tire from Continental. Benefits include: Increased mileage and improved braking capacity. High performance with an extremely comfortable ride. Irregular concave and convex sipe design that promotes traction and low noise. Superior shoulder groove that ensures cornering and performance on wet roads. Connecting tread sipes to enhance steering precision on dry conditions. High tech silica compound, which provides low rolling resistance, and a decrease in fuel costs. An all season symmetric tread. Continental’s ProContact TX tires come branded with an M + S symbol, which stands for Mud and Snow. This means they can handle all weather conditions, so no matter what weather you find yourself in, the Conti ProContact TX can handle it. As an Original Equipment tire, the ProContact TX is designed to meet a comprehensive range of performance requiring outstanding dry, wet and handling performance. They are also performance modified to your vehicle with original equipment enhanced construction. The low density tread compound allows the ProContact TX to absorb road vibrations, thus giving it an extremely smooth ride. The Continental ProContact TX features twin steel belts, with optimized belt contour for ride stability and strength, and it has a strengthened sidewall for a smooth quiet ride.