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275 /45 R18
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Product Description

The Conti SportContact 5 is one of Continental’s Max Performance Summer tires. Initially developed to match the sporty driving characteristics of German high performance roadsters, the Conti SportContact 5 is designed to combine short braking distances and excellent cornering traction, with enhanced fuel efficiency, and excellent tread wear. However like all summer tires, they are not intended to be driven in near freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice. The Conti SportContact 5 uses Continental’s patented Black Chili compound molded into its asymmetric tread design. This also features a outside shoulder that conforms to the road surface to improve grip and cornering stability. Four wide circumferential grooves eject water from the tread to resist hydroplaning and further enhance wet traction. A continuous circumferential center rib and notched intermediate side ribs promote steering response and tracking. The Conti SportContact 5’s Black Chili compound’s short-chain polymers react to hard braking forces by building heat and friction to help shorten braking distance on both dry and wet roads, while the compound’s long-chain polymers release the absorbed energy more efficiently at constant speeds, which helps to reduce rolling resistance, thereby extending fuel economy. With all this technology the Continental Conti SportContact 5 stops faster, stays cooler, lasts longer, and reduces your fuel consumption. The tire's internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped polyamide (a mixture of heat-resistant synthetic aramid fiber and nylon threads) that enhances the ride quality.