Continental Conti Procontact Tires

The Continental Conti ProContact is a grand touring all-season tire that was first created for European sport cars and sedans sold in North America, but now it's available for a wide range of imported and domestic cars. The Conti ProContact is designed to blend great traction and handling, with low noise and a smooth ride, all while providing all-season versatility, even in light snow. Designed to eject water from the tread quickly and quietly, the Conti ProContact helps reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and keeps you safe while driving in wet conditions. The Conti ProContact has an all season tread molded into a symmetric, heavily siped design that provides continuous contact with the road to enhance steering response and handling while its circumferential grooves resist hydroplaning and promote wet traction. Continental's PROactive Edge Technology places 800 plus, arched biting edges in the tire's tread design to bring more active edges into the contact patch. By doing so, the Conti ProContact increases its all-season traction while also allowing the tread to transfer energy smoothly from edge to edge while driving, which helps to minimize on-road noise. The tire's internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to stabilize the tread area promoting uniformity and high-speed durability.