Bf Goodrich Long Trail T/A Tour Tires

The BFGoodrich Long Trail TA Tour tire is a crossover or SUV touring tire with all season traction created for light trucks such as crossover and sport utility vehicles. The tire will deliver in dry wet and wintry conditions including on roads covered with light snow. This tire features an all season rubber compound which has been molded into a symmetric tread pattern. It features notched intermediate ribs, shoulder blocks, a rigid center rib and more. The features in the BFGoodrich Long Trail TA Tour help the tire to provide crisp handling, a positive on center feel and precise handling at highway speeds. The tread compound and design also help the tire provide traction in all weather conditions, even in the winter, and in light snow. The tread blocks feature strategic siping which help to increase the biting edges making better traction in foul weather such as rain and snow, and also fights against hydroplaning, by ejecting water away from the tread. Internally the BFGoodrich Long Trail TA Touring tire feature spirally wrapped nylon and BFGoodrich’s Equal Tension Containment system for durability. There is also the two-ply polyester casing which soaks up shock and helps provide resistance against sidewall flex.