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265 /35 R18
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Product Description

The BF Goodrich G Force R1S tire is a sports performance competition summer tire. Even though these track tires have been DOT approved, they should not be used for everyday driving, they are best suited for track racing. These tires are made with sprint racing, auto cross and quicker warm ups in mind. The BF Goodrich G Force R1S is an easy to drive tire even at the grip limit. It provides great steering response which can be described as only razor sharp. These tires are definitely competition ready and are made for use on prepared race cars. These tires take longer to come up to temperature and will therefore provide better wear at higher temperatures. These tires are not suitable for use on highways and are also not recommended for driving on wet surfaces where there is a presence of standing water. This is because there is a great risk of hydroplaning on these surfaces and if these are encountered drivers are cautioned to proceed at reduced speeds. These tires are not suitable for use in colder climates as well as they are summer tires not suitable for ice and snow covered road surfaces. G Force R1S tires cannot be mixed with their predecessors, the G Force R1 tires.