Bf Goodrich G-Force Comp 2 A/S Tires

BF Goodrich has developed the G Force COMP 2 A/S tire as the best all-season, ultra- high performance tire ever made by the company. Equipped with Ultigrip Technology, the G Force COPMP 2 A/S tire delivers all-out control in all type of weather conditions. The tire comes with both dry and wet grip capability to ensure drivers with faster acceleration than ever before. Developed for sport cars, sporty coupe, performance sedan and passenger vehicles, driving enthusiasts who desire an all-season tire combined with ultra-high performance can look to the G Force COMP 2 A/S. The tire is designed with a combination of directional tread design and G-Force component that enhances the its tread life, and a decrease in wet braking distances. With the G Force COMP 2 A/S tire fitted to their vehicle, drivers will experience improved wet handling/ braking and traction in light snowy road conditions. The tire is suitable for touring as well as passenger vehicles. The BFGoodrich's UltiGrip Technology was used in the design of the G-Force COMP-2 A/S tire. The technology features a high-silica, cold-weather bending tread compound molded into an aggressive V-shaped directional tread pattern. Slanting horizontal and longitudinal grooves with filed down shoulders and wrapped tread blocks deliver constant block firmness that combines dry, wet and snow-time traction with lasting wear. With the Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC System) involving spirally wrapped nylon on top of twin steel belts, the tire has the capability to optimize its traction and contact patch at high speeds, while the g-Control sidewall addition offers a blend of responsive handling and ride comfort.