Bf Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Ko 2 Tires

The BFGoodrich Traction T/A tire is an all season touring tire. The Traction T/A was designed to have a long tread life, a sporty feel to the ride, while still being competitively priced. The BFGoodrich tire is designed for coupes, sedans, and some sport utility vehicles; being an all season tire it was made to deliver the best in all season performance and traction in wet road conditions, and even in light snow. Traction T/A’s feature a directional tread design that uses wide independent tread blocks to force water through the footprint of the tire, to increase resistance against hydroplaning, this also helps with wet traction. Lateral grooves and multiple, deep set sipes in each tread block hugely increase the number of biting edges on the tread, which helps to enhance stability in bad weather conditions, and traction in light snow. Internally the Traction T/A features twin steel belts reinforced by BFGoodrich's Equal TEnsion Containment System (ETEC System) which enhances durability, as well as flexibility, and its shock-absorbing two-ply polyester cord sidewall provides a comfortable highway ride. The Traction T/A also has g-Wedge sidewall inserts that provide a comfortable ride, and steering responsive in the corners.