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480 / R12
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Product Description

Akuret manufacturers use superior technology to design their tires, which gives the tires an exceptional amount of traction that can handle year-round weather conditions. With your vehicle running efficiently on the Akuret HWY Deli High-Speed tires, you not only save on fuel costs but your car can take tight corners making your ride very comfortable and exciting. The Akuret HWY Deli high-speed tires are designed to improve your braking speed, which provide you and your family with a safe ride in your vehicle. Akuret Deli high-speed tires are Mid/Long Haul All-Position tires. They are suitable for midway or long distance transportation both on city roads and on the highway. The features of the Akuret Deli High- speed tires include: • Very low rolling resistance • Bead construction that is super strong. • Very efficient in fuel usage • Minimal noise emission • Offers first-rate, high speed durability • A more comfortable and safer ride The Akuret HWY Deli High-Speed tires are available in a wide range of sizes to fit various vehicles.