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Downtown is the central business district for Bakersfield, California. Located in the heart of the city, Downtown Bakersfield is easily accessible from all its other parts. It is also reemerging as the center of Bakersfield’s arts, culture and entertainment sectors. Downtown contains several of the city’s major theaters, sporting complexes, museums, and historical landmarks. (Referenced through Big Brand Tire & Service is located right in the center of Bakersfield on 21st (between Chester Ave & K St). Neighbors with Buena Vista Museum of Natural History. A couple of streets to the West of us is the well-known old Fox Theater and to the East of us is the Central park.
Big Brand Tire & Service in BAKERSFIELD , California offers reliable, responsible auto repair, automotive maintenance services, and the lowest prices on new tires and expert tire services. If you neeed tires and auto repair services in BAKERSFIELD , Big Brand Tire & Service is your trusted source for auto repair and tires for over 40 years.

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