Comprehensive Fleet Management

Our fleet helps keep your fleet safe and ready to roll
Big Brand Tire & Service has built one of the most comprehensive fleet management systems available today. At every stage of the fleet maintenance management process we have addressed the service, data and payment needs of the fleet manager and built controls that help offer real savings in both time and money. Combined fleet management capabilities, universal credit products and a premier network of service locations have created a fleet program unlike any other. Complete Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services At Big Brand Tire & Service, we offer an array of maintenance and repair services to help keep your fleet vehicles running smoothly.

Advanced Fleet Management
The Big Brand Tire & Service Fleet Services program helps time-strapped fleet managers manage vehicle expenses by providing card and system level purchasing controls. We use this program to give you control of the purchases made by your drivers and to provide visibility of the repairs and maintenance performed on your vehicles at any participating Big Brand Tire & Service location.

Flexible Credit and Payment Options
We also offer a myriad of payment options to suit your payment preferences. We even offer a Big Brand Tire & Service card that allows you to receive terms on your purchases made at Big Brand Tire & Service. *Payment terms are subject to credit approval.

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Location, Location, Location
With more than 16 locations in Southern and Central California, your vehicles are never very far from a Big Brand Tire & Service shop. We know downtime is a concern and understand how unscheduled repairs negatively impact your company’s productivity. Your drivers can drive in anytime and we will be happy to get their vehicle serviced and back on the road, or if you prefer to schedule an appointment, we will work with you to bring your vehicle to Big Brand Tire & Service when it’s most convenient for you.

Service Delivery Process
At Big Brand Tire & Service, we check every vehicle using a courtesy check list and will provide a detailed estimate of the needed repairs. We also use quality parts, many of which are backed by our famous service warranty.